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Why not use Facebook?

Facebook is part of OUR Human problems. Facebook is run for profit and YOU are the product! Facebook are selling YOU and YOUR attention to other corporations and powers of authority every time YOU log in and interact with it. YOU are also actively tracked anywhere on the web that has Facebook widgets or code.  If all of this wasn’t bad enough, YOU are actively being programmed every time YOU log in and click on ANYTHING the Facebook algorithms put or remove from YOUR news feeds. The more shocking and divisive a headline or post – the more cash this generates for Facebook – do WE really want to support that?

Using this system as part of the wider #HumanReEvolution via social media and the main website at will help YOU reawaken parts of YOU that modern society, ran by corporations, elites, media and politicians have hidden from all of us via their divide and rule techniques of polarisation and conflict.

Join the others to create a new renaissance period for Humans by finding out how to align YOUR life’s sole purpose with YOUR soul’s purpose.